A mother for whom addiction has hit close to home has become tired of hearing about heroin overdose deaths in her area while people whine over a coffee cup, and she has taken the fight up on Facebook.

Lori Cross Schotten found her anger boiling over as she saw post after post about the recent controversy surrounding Starbucks’ red holiday cups.

“People are dying, and we’re worried about a cup,” says Lori.

Lori is the mother of a heroin addict and co-founder of the national support group, Change Addiction Now United We CAN.

“It’s a cup you’re going to get coffee in and throw away, but there’s something real out there to be upset about and to try to want to make change on. If you look, there’s 126 people dying everyday,” explains Lori.

After learning about two more overdose deaths in her area this week, Lori took to the Wisonsin United We CAN Facebook page to create her own cup awareness.

Her red coffee cup reads, “People are up in arms over a red coffee cup not reflecting Merry Christmas, yet 126 people die every single day from the disease of addiction and no one gives a damn.”

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